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"Available"   A Yasami cloud #1   30"x18" oil on canvas, 2020 YASAMI " Click on image please to purchase

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"Balancing Act with clouds" Original Oil painting on Canvas, $8400  48"x 40" Masoud Yasami  2020

"2 framed clouds" Original Oil painting on Canvas, $480  34"x 17" Masoud Yasami  2020

"How copper get patina" Original Oil painting on Canvas, $8400  48"x 40" Masoud Yasami  2020

"Wave action #3" Original Oil painting on Canvas, $480  24"x 18" Masoud Yasami  2020

"Hawaiian Calm" 24"x24" Original painting oil on canvas  Masoud Yasami  2020

"balancing Act" Original Oil painting on Canvas, $1480  28"x 24" Masoud Yasami  2017

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"summer/winter Giclee limited edition"    $130 Please Click image to purchase 28"x24", YASAMI 2020 "

"Anatomy of a cloud" Available,   In Collection of Artist,   Acrylic/ Oil on Canvas  23"x 18" inches  yasami 2018  $600
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"Mind of an Artist" 38"x36" Original Acrylic /Oil painting on canvas $8200   SOLD 2020 in Collection of Mr. Scott Winkler  California

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Yasami Clouds are well loved and collectors mention YASAMI CLOUDs whenever they view a beautiful white cloud in sky.
He is The master of Clouds in Western United States. His artwork is regraded as Illusionism and small canvases are for him
sketches to later to incorporate into larger complex Illusions on canvases.

masoud Yasami oil painting on canvas 26"x24", Available $310 framed

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