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Masoud Yasami Painting ” Fibonacci Sequence” 1990 was chosen by author Ellis Gulick & publisher Harcourt Brace Jovanovic of New York to be the only Painting image ever printed on the cover of COLLEGE CALCULUS books, the mathematical structure is what makes the painting so visually appealing. Floating levitating clouds versus heavy rock formations grounded by gravity is the perfect harmony of balance and order versus chaos of dealing with forces of everyday life.  Yasami compositions draw your attention to the simplistic and the complex, he sees the desert as a place of order and harmony.
“Levitation /Lightness is my symbol by which one is suspended against one’s own fear in a stable position. To find meaning in the chaos of life, one must blend disorder with the disciplined order of balance and harmony.”
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Museum & Private Collections of YASAMI artwork

Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Arizona

Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, New York

Palm Spring Museum of Art, California

IBM, New York
Pfizer, New York
Bank of America

Empress Farah Pahlavi

Victor Jury Collection, New Mexico

Marvin Brody Collection, Paradise Valley, AZ
The ASU Art Museum, Arizona

Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Salt Lake City

Yuma Museum of Art, Arizona

Tehran Museum of Fine Arts, Iran

J.P. Morgan/ Chase Bank

Tucson Museum of Fine Art, Arizona

Prudential Life Insurance

Rolm Corporation, California

Qwest Communications, Colorado

Visa of America

Saks Fifth Avenue,Texas

University of Wisconsin

Frederick Weiseman Collection, California

Forbes Collection, Connecticut

General Motors

Hughes Art Collection

Mayo Clinic, Arizona

Wynn Resort Art Collection, Nevada

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Morehead State University Art Collection

Kerman Museum of Art, Iran

University of Wisconsin

University of Nebraska Art Collection

Morehead State University Art Collection