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ABOUT Leonardo Fibonacci


The Greeks believed there to be three ingredients to beauty: symmetry, proportion, and harmony. This triad of principles
infused their life. They were very much attuned to beauty as an object of love and as something that was to be imitated
and reproduced in their lives, architecture, education and politics.They judged life by this mentality.

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Pisa Italy was an important commercial town in its day and had links with many Mediterranean ports. Leonardo's father, Guglielmo
Bonacci, was a kind of customs officer in the present-day Algerian town of Béjaïa (see Bejaia) formerly known as Bugia or Bougie, where
wax candles were exported to France. So Leonardo grew up with a North African education under the Moors and later travelled extensively
around the Mediterranean coast. He would have met with many merchants and learned of their systems of doing arithmetic. He soon realised
the many advantages of the "Hindu-Arabic" system over all the others.
0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34
The division of any two adjacent numbers gives the amazing Golden number = 1.618 It is called the " FIBONACCI Sequence "after Leonardo of Pisa
or (Filius Bonacci), alias Leonardo Fibonacci, born in 1175. My paintings are based on dividing lines and spaces, which are square or rectangles
using Golden means 1.61 within a rectangular shape of a canvas with careful placing of symbols that evoke or imagine an emotional
thought by a viewer. Divisions are based on the Fibonacci sequence. Within adjacent rectangles and squares are subjects
that either are on the edge of falling, failing or being saved by weightless balanced classical forms.
To explain my intentions in a recent painting, my use of free floating Levitating clouds versus heavy
spheres and rock formation grounded by gravity is the perfect harmony of Balance and order
versus chaos of dealing with forces of everyday life. Levitation (levitas "lightness") is a
symbol by which one is suspended against ones own fears in a stable position.

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